A Traditional Latin Mass church in Fresno?
It won't happen without you!

About the Capital Campaign

We have been given our best opportunity ever to establish a traditional Latin Mass parish in the Diocese of Fresno-but it won't happen without your support. The Most Reverend Bishop Armando Ochoa has given the Fresno Traditional Latin Mass Society (FTLMS) permission to begin collecting donations to purchase a church.

This parish will be like no other in the city of Fresno-dedicated to a full parish life centered on the Extraordinary Form liturgy! A traditional Latin Mass parish will be open to all Catholics, and will add to the Diocese of Fresno's rich diversity.

Liturgical Life

A parish for the Latin Mass would offer Mass and all the Sacraments in the Traditional (Tridentine) Rite in accordance with the Missal of 1962. This was encouraged in the 1988 motu proprio Ecclesia Dei Adflicta of Pope St. John Paul II and confirmed in the 2007 motu proprio Summorum Pontificum of Pope Benedict XVI.

Morning Mass on Sundays, daily Mass, and all sacraments including weddings and Requiem Masses will be offered in the Extraordinary Form. Gregorian Chant and other forms of traditional Catholic liturgical music will be a priority. The parish will also offer an array of group and social activities such as an Altar Boy Guild, girls' Little Flower and Rosa Mystica societies, and homeschooling support.

The Priests

The Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) will staff the proposed parish for the traditional Latin Mass. The FSSP is an international community of priests and seminarians, which is in communion with the Holy See, and was established by Pope St. John Paul II with the charism to pursue holiness by means of the traditional liturgy. The FSSP is active in 34 parishes in the United States and seven in Canada. Their North American headquarters is located in Elmhurst Township, Pennsylvania, and their North American seminary (Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary) is located in Denton, Nebraska.


The Fresno Traditional Latin Mass Society has identified a prospective property for purchase. This property includes a church, several classrooms, a commercial kitchen with a social hall, and on-site parking. The property is large enough for future expansion and is centrally located in the city of Fresno.

Our primary goal of $900,000 in donations will cover the building purchase and the preparation of the sanctuary for Mass in the Extraordinary Form. We also hope to attract at least 200 donors to signal the Diocese of Fresno and the FSSP that a broad base of support exists for a parish for the traditional Latin Mass.

How to Donate

Every donation, no matter the size, will help bring a traditional Latin Mass parish to the Diocese of Fresno.

  1. Donation by check
    • Write your check to "Diocese of Fresno"
    • Write "FTLMS #2038" in the memo line
  2. Automatic donation by check
  3. Donation instantly or monthly by credit/debit card
  4. Donation of stock, mutual funds, property or other assets

For any questions about your donation call Mr. Gary Bethke, Chief Financial Officer, at (559) 488-7426.

Donations should be mailed to:
Diocese of Fresno
Attn: Gary Bethke
1550 North Fresno Street
Fresno, CA 93703

Donations for the building fund are tax deductible and are restricted for the purpose of purchasing a building for the traditional Latin Mass. Donations are not subject to diocesan assessment.

Click here to read the Bishop's letter about financial transparency and accountability.